The World of Peak Performance

Increase your superiority – With the insights of Neuroscience

The key to achieving peak performance is embedded in people’s personalities, particularly in the deeply rooted brain-based programs that push them on. Anyone who knows these programs and how to use them to their own advantage will achieve a new dimension of superiority. Winning, increasing performance, extraordinary results - all of these have their origins in the brain of the people involved.

This is where the experts from NEURO4SPORTS come into play. Based on their exclusive analyses, the next step is the sophisticated training, consulting and coaching methods that can be developed to enable new dimensions of success.

Personality Analyses for the World of Sports

Top-class sport is the cradle for outstanding peak performance. There you will find all the ingredients to understand the personality traits that drive people to strive for excellence, even under the most extreme pressures or challenges. With our exclusive analyses, we can not only determine the necessary personality characteristics, but also explain the motivation and behavioral systems which are the driving forces. Based on these insights, new opportunities for improvements in performance can be created, both for individual as well as team sports. 

Individual Analyses

This personality analysis determines your unconscious working programs that are inherent in your brain. If you know them, you will know the score regarding your real potential. You can use this knowledge in a targeted manner to promote your sporting career and to advance your performance. Your coach will know how he/she can even better develop and support you in order to achieve your goals.

Team Analyses

In team sports, team performance is crucial. How does the team fit together? Who takes over a task in which situation? Who has the creative potential to be able to introduce new ideas, even in difficult situations? Who can increase the morale of the team, even in very demanding circumstances, by carrying them along with them? All these questions are decisive. When a coach takes over a new team, he/she can use the team’s analysis to obtain a high-quality overview of the various personality types in their team and to integrate these insights into their tactics.

1-on-1 Comparisons

In a team, there may be differences between individual players or between players and the coach. That there are differing opinions on a topic is only the obvious explanation. In fact, here too, in most cases the differently proportioned, unconscious programs are the reasons that lead to disagreements. With the One-on-One Comparison, the causes can be found very quickly and effectively. This provides the basis for efficient and sustainable solutions.

Possible Applications

On the basis of the Neuro4Sports analyses we can offer you a variety of services that support your successful development:


  • Sustained increases in individual and team performance

  • Personality as a basis for climbing to new levels on the sporting/athletic success ladder

  • Developing individual strategies to achieve sporting/athletic goals more effectively and efficiently

  • Identifying unconscious programs that stand in the way of a person’s success

  • Developing performance optimization programs based on the personalities of individual players, together with coaching teams and sports psychologists

  • Support the player’s agents in the care and marketing of their players